Entertainment Cinemas - Springfield, MA

Springfield Plaza
1250 St. James Avenue
Springfield, MA 01104

*This Location is closed!*

If you were unable to redeem your Gift Certificate and/or Passes on or before close of business you may be do the following;

  • Use it at another Entertainment Cinemas location. Click here for list of locations.
  • Please send the remaining Gift Certificate and or Passes to Entertainment Management Corporation, 7 Central Street, Easton MA, 02375. Please include, your name, address, and contact phone number.

Once received we will reimburse you for the value of your Gift Certificate or Passes. Holiday Promo Discount Tickets issued last month when you purchased $55 or $105 dollars will not be able to be redeemed for a reimbursement since they were a Promotion and hold no cash value. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We appreciate your patronage and it was pleasure being a part of your community! Please don’t hesitate to contact our Corporate Office at (800) 603-5677 if we can be of any further assistance.